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Our marketing agency and editorial, Impresol Media Solutions, has been successfully publishing maps and travel guides for millions of holidaymakers on the Balearic Islands for 25 years. Residents of the island, we have worked in the tourism industry since 1995 and know Mallorca very well. We keep our eyes and ears open, listen to our friends for info on new openings and great new restaurant recommendations, pass by new shops that offer delicious specialities or simply convey the Mallorcan lifestyle. An international team with a German managing director.

Simply Mallorca Guide – Simply Mallorca:

We are aware that holidaymakers in holiday home rentals often ask for good tips on restaurants, tapas bars or beach clubs, where the next hidden bay is for swimming or where to go for a really fancy meal in the evening. This is how the idea for this Simply Mallorca Guide came about. SIMPLY- means simple in English – but it also means “Simply Mallorca” – that’s how the island is: authentic, traditional, but also luxurious and expensive. Here you will find SIMPLY everything.

As a holiday homeowner or holiday home agent, you can bring your customers closer to the island of Mallorca with this guide and help them plan their holiday. If you wish, we can personalise your online edition or create your own Mallorca travel guide. Get in touch with us:


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